CoolFrames is a leading online retailer of prescription glasses

Theta Labs continually works hand in hand with CoolFrames as an e-commerce consulting partner to grow the company’s online presence.

Since 2014, we've helped CoolFrames improve conversion rates & increase sales dramatically

We provide ongoing technical & marketing advice to guide the successful growth of the business. Executing on that advice means guiding our team of expert freelancers to reach our goals on a fast-paced schedule.

In addition to a variety of development, design & marketing services, Sean serves CoolFrames in the capacity of a CTO for hire.

Just a few examples of our many development projects through the years:
  • E-Commerce Catalog Maintenance (100,000+ unique products)
  • Business Automation: We've worked tirelessly to streamline CoolFrames operations to save valuable employee time
  • Legacy Migration: From PHP 4 to PHP 5 with Laravel
  • Fully-Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO); Page Speed Optimization
  • Google Shopping & Bing Shopping Integration
  • Competitive Repricing

Maintaining a catalog of 100,000+ products requires automation

In the 4th quarter of 2014, we were initially approached by CoolFrames for assistance maintaining and improving their proprietary e-commerce platform built with custom PHP 4. The product catalog was badly outdated and in dire need of an update, however CoolFrames lacked the staff to manually update a catalog of over 100,000 unique products. With a catalog of that size, automation was crucial. Using modern development standards, we were able to overhaul a collection of web scrapers to automatically keep the extensive e-commerce catalog up to date.

Legacy Migration: From PHP 4 to PHP 5 with Laravel

As part of our 2014 overhaul, we integrated the Laravel MVC framework for PHP with the legacy code base of the site. We took this approach rather than completely replacing the inherited system in order to achieve the swift progress necessary to grow CoolFrames. To this date, we are still gradually migrating functionality from the legacy system to our new Laravel-based system.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Mobile-Friendly Web Design

We then turned our attention to making the most of the substantial organic search traffic CoolFrames receives via Google. Excellent SEO is only part of the path to an e-commerce website’s success; once you’ve drawn a visitor to your website, you must be able to grab the visitor’s attention in order to convert that visitor into a customer. As of early April 2015, CoolFrames was receiving nearly half its traffic from mobile devices and tablets, but had yet to update its website to support those devices. With the imminent rollout of Google’s mobile ranking algorithm change on April 21st, 2015, we re-launched the CoolFrames website with a new mobile-friendly (responsive) design.