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Mobile-Friendly (Responsive)
Design, Development & Maintenance

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A responsive or mobile-friendly website, also known as an “adaptive” website, adjusts to look as good as possible regardless of a user’s screen size.

Rather than have to maintain a separate mobile version of a site, the same content can be served to all device types. This translates to a dramatic cost savings over time.

Business Automation
(streamline & accelerate operations)

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Why waste employee time on menial, repetitive tasks? Automating clerical jobs can greatly reduce the amount of time your organization spends gathering or analyzing data, allowing you to focus on more important details of your operation.

With our team's extensive background in cloud-based architecture, scaling and automation, we streamline operations and accelerate workflows to help businesses cut costs while increasing productivity, sales and profit.

Web Crawling & Scraping

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We actively maintain dozens of web scrapers for our clients. So what is a web scraper, exactly, and when does it make sense to use one? Scrapers allow us to visit any website and extract data for a variety of uses.

For example, some of our clients have extensive catalogs that would otherwise have to be entered and maintained manually by their staff. Instead, the scrapers we write connect directly to manufacturer websites, collecting and downloading product images and sizes, colors, and descriptions.

Consulting Services
(code security audits, server hardening)

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Suppose you hired someone on Upwork to build a web app with PHP. They got the job done, it looks and works great. But little do you know, under the hood you've been given a ticking time bomb waiting to explode on your business.

It's an unfortunate reality that SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks are all too common. That's why we love and use the Laravel framework for PHP, and passionately recommend that you do too.

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Legacy Migration
(including PHP4/5 to PHP 7, legacy to MVC)

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Do you have an aging application that's running on an old, unmaintained version of PHP? All versions of PHP 5 have now reached End Of Life status. We're ready and able to help migrate to the latest version of PHP 7!

Even today, PHP is by far the most widely-used server-side web technology, with an estimated 79.0% of all websites powered by PHP.

Security is a major concern for older web applications. Failure to maintain custom web software can result in defacement or even permanent data loss.

24/7/365 Support
(we stay reachable by phone and email)

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Your e-commerce business doesn't stop running at 5 o'clock. Why should your web team?

We are acutely aware that every minute down results in lost sales.

When a server crashes at 3 AM, our clients are able to count on us to respond to swiftly resolve any underlying problems.

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