Full-Stack Web Bootcamp

Learn how to use PHP, Laravel & Vue.js to create real-world applications

Price: FREE (valued at $5,000) · Limited Availability · Meeting Weekly on Sundays at 2 PM

Feeling lost after completing Code Louisville or another development training course? Let us guide you into a future career developing complex web applications!

Trial-and-error and consuming documentation are perfectly valid ways to learn to code. We've been there, done that and got the t-shirt. As a self-taught web developer, that's the way Sean started learning way back in the stone ages of PHP 4. (Has it really been 12 years since PHP 4 reached End Of Life status in 2007?)

Learning in this way takes many years of hard work. Our hope is that, with our guidance, you will gain useful experience quickly as we closely guide you on to the correct track of industry-standard best practices. We will likely never offer this course for free again, so now is your chance to learn the tricks of the trade, build upon what you've been learning and take your skill level to the next level in a fraction of the time you'd spend finding your way around in the dark.

Are you a full-stack developer looking to gain real-world experience with what you've learned?

Whether you've learned Python, Ruby or C#, the fundamentals are all the same and will give you a solid foundation for understanding the subjects we'll cover.

Are you a frontend developer seeking to become a full-stack developer?

With this bootcamp, you will learn how to turn a simple website into a fully-functional server-powered web application. Not sure you're cut out for backend development? No worries! Not everyone can or should become a backend developer. Maybe this course will help you decide to focus solely on frontend coding, and that's a perfectly fine takeaway. If that ends up being the case for you, rest assured there will be no shortage of work for you!

A web application consists of a great many moving parts, most of which the end-users remain blissfully unaware. Whether you're dealing with credit card processing, running personal credit checks, or uploading images and videos, often that workload gets passed off from one server to another. The servers may even be in completely remote locations from one another, such as a call from a company's own web server to a Stripe API server.

Small businesses often lack the resources to hire specialists at every level of the development process; full-stack developers seem to have become the norm. Frankly it can be overwhelming to learn and stay on top of so many technologies on the client side and server side, but for the ambitious among us it can be an opportunity to capitalize and provide supply where there is demand.

Why are we offering this course for free?

Our hope is that, at the end of this free bootcamp, you will feel prepared to pursue a career working as a Full-Stack Web Developer. Even if you don't continue using PHP & Laravel professionally, the design patterns and best practices will translate to any language and framework, whether you use Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, .NET or some other framework.

We are always looking to add additional freelancers to our team. Even if you are busy with a full time job and only have a small amount of time to give, chances are we can find ways for you to earn & contribute. Many of our freelancers work 5-10 hours per week when they are able, as a way to supplement their income from working full-time jobs.


  • A working knowledge of frontend web technologies (HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript) is required to make the most of this course
  • Please note a laptop is required to participate in this course. (Windows, Mac or Linux, all are OK.)
  • To get the most out of this course, participants will need to be available Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
    Please let us know if another day would work better.
  • We have limited time each week to work together, so continued self-study will remain crucial.

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